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Degree coordinator:  Jordi Malé Pegueroles, jmalé




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Baiget, Ester

English II

English III

Brufau, Pilar

English I

Carrera, Aitor

Aranes I

Referential Occitan I

Referential Occitan II

Goñi, Paula

French I

French II

Grifoll, Isabel

Medieval Catalan literature I

Monographs of Catalan literature

Occitan literature I

Themes and forms of Occitan literature

Julià, Joan

Applied Linguistics

Catalan morphology and lexicology

Catalan phonetics and phonology

Macià, Xavier

Catalan literature of the 19th century

Catalan metric and versification

Contemporary Catalan Literature I

Themes and forms of Catalan literature

Malé, Jordi

Comment of literary texts

Catalan literature: movements and genres

Monographs of Catalan literature II

Social history of the Catalan language

Moncada, Balbina

English I

Parra, Montserrat

French III

Perpinyà, Núria

Currents of European literature

Introduction to literary theory

Literary criticism

Production of oral and written texts

Ribes, Salomé

Applications of linguistics

Catalan grammar

Linguistic advice

Sistac, Ramon

Catalan and Occitan dialectology

Suïls, Jordi

Occitan sociolinguistics

Practical levels of Aranese

Referential Occitan III

Turull, Albert

Onomastics applied

Veny, Joan Ramon

Contemporary Catalan literature

Contemporary Catalan Literature II

Modern Catalan literature

Text editing

Viana, Amadeu

Catalan historical grammar

Catalan sociolinguistics

Language policy and planning

Variation and sociolinguistics